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ministry of public security fire department issued winter fire safety tips

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   since 2016 in november, the national fire 21 thousand onwards, the death of 149 people, injured more than 51 people, of which residential and crowded places of fire deaths accounted for relatively high, the fire situation is not optimistic. to this end, the ministry of public security fire department tips: 

  1, winter dry air dry, fire power consumption. to enhance the fire safety awareness, learn and master fire skills, and actively prevent fire, to protect the safety of life. 

    2, production and operation of enterprises should strictly abide by the safety regulations, prohibited illegal oil, electricity, gas, prohibited in the construction site illegal use of open flame operation or heating.

  3, the business unit in the production during the work to ensure that evacuation channels and exit flow, non blocking or locking. 

  4, the unit and the family to regularly check the safety of electrical equipment, to prevent short circuit, overload caused by electricity fire, electrical equipment used to turn off the power. 

    5, the use of electric heating and other electric appliances, to stay away from combustible materials, when someone is in charge, do not bake clothes on the electric heater, or when you have to unplug the plug.

  6, the electric blanket should choose qualified product safety requirements, not a long time power, can not be folded, found that soft power line fever, should immediately stop using.

  7, heating coal stove to install the chimney, away from the surrounding combustible interior, pay attention to ventilation, to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

  8, to maintain the residential fire channel, not burning garbage and sundries in the district, not will not extinguish the cigarette, ash and other trash. 

  9, do not put combustible residents in the corridor, to ensure the smooth passage of the building. to keep the evacuation signs intact, fire hydrant, fire extinguishers and other fire equipment complete with. 

  10, residential buildings are not in the lobby, corridors and evacuation routes, such as the storage of electric vehicles. to the electric car charging to stay away from flammable, combustible goods, charging circuit to have short circuit and leakage protection device, in strict accordance with the product manual to charge, avoid long time charge. 

  11, familiar with the place where the security environment, to understand the safe exit and evacuation channel location of good habits. in case of fire and other emergencies, please exit from the nearest exit. 

  12, the fire escape, to use a wet towel or clothing to cover your mouth and nose, bent low posture forward, don't breathe or shout, to prevent inhalation of toxic gases; fire door cannot escape, should be shut down by the fire smoke near the window, use wet bedding, clothing and blocked the door, sent a signal for help, waiting for rescue.

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