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a network of heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing system composition and working principle

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  at room temperature, gaseous propane, colorless and tasteless, not conductive, no corrosion, no environmental restrictions, the atmosphere retention period is short. the main mechanism of the fire fighting is to cut off the chain of combustion, and the speed of fire fighting is very fast. fm200 is currently in effect of halon fire extinguishing agent instead of better products, with good cleaning (in the atmosphere is completely vaporized without leaving residue), good gas phase electrical insulation, good physical properties suitable for the use of fire extinguishing system. 

  the first is the self-safetm system of independent safety protection technology of pavln extinguishing cf3chfcf3 gas, has received a number of authentication, key components have been patented in china. the company has fully adopted and strictly implement the iso9001:2000 international quality system, in strict accordance with international standards to provide users with quality and comprehensive service. 

  fm200 parameters:

  the loss value of the ozone layer odp=0 

  greenhouse effect potential value alt=0.6

  no toxic reaction concentration of noael=9.0% 

  toxic reaction concentration was loael=10.5%

  basic concentration of fire fighting design c=8.0%, on human safety 

  heptfluoride propane fire extinguishing system main components: 

  1 fire extinguishing bottle group qmp-pl 

  fire extinguisher group contains fire extinguishing agent storage bottle,     bottle head valve, safety valve, manual valve, pressure gauge, heptafluoropropane. 

  2 high pressure hose plrg 

  high pressure hose connecting fire extinguishing bottle group and extinguishing agent one-way valve. 

  3 fire extinguishing agent check valve plyd 

  fire extinguishing agent one-way valve installed between the high-pressure hose and collecting pipe. 

  4 start bottle group qqp-pl 

  start bottle group includes a gas storage bottle, bottle head valve, electromagnetic starter, safety valve, manual valve, pressure gauge, gas start. when receiving instruction 

  start the gas to open the selection valve, bottle head control valve, the release of fire extinguishing agent.

  5 gas check valve 

  the gas check valve is used to control the starting gas to start the corresponding selection valve and the fire extinguishing bottle group.

  6 safety pressure relief valve plaq 

  safety relief valve is used to prevent overpressure 。

  7 selector valve plfptf 

  select the valve to control the fire extinguisher into the corresponding protection area. 

  8 pressure signal device plxh 

  the pressure signal feedback agent application signal. 

  9 nozzle plpt 

  nozzle for spraying fire extinguishing agent. 

  10 high pressure piping 

  high pressure pipe for fire extinguishing agent. 

  11 high pressure pipe fittings 

  the system is suitable for use in fighting 

  class a —solid surface fire; 

  class b—flammable liquid fire disaster, including a certain amount of heptane;

   class c—electrical equipment fire

  gas fire before cutting off gas source. such as clean room, computer control room, precision instruments, museums, libraries, communications equipment, electrical equipment, power plants, hospitals, chemical raw materials and oil products and other places. does not apply to the following substances fire: nitrocellulose, gunpowder, etc., in the absence of air conditions can still be rapid oxidation of chemicals; active metals; metal hydride; easy to produce self decomposition of chemicals. 

  my company production of hfc-227ea automatic fire extinguishing system has compact structure, beautiful appearance, complete and accurate design parameters, complete functions, advanced technology, excellent performance, accurate and safe and reliable, safe debugging and maintenance is simple and convenient, long term storage, fire extinguishing agent leakage etc.. a low pressure relief valve is installed on the starting line of the system, which can effectively prevent the system from being mistakenly sprayed due to the chronic leakage of the starting device and improve the reliability of the system. 

  second.system working principle 

  1.system composition 

  this system is mainly composed of a fire extinguishing agent storage bottle, bottle head valve, start cylinder, cylinder valve, electromagnetic valve, liquid control head, one-way valve, pneumatic components, one-way valve manifold, safety valve, pressure relief valve, pressure relays, bottle rack, nozzle, pipeline systems and other equipment. according to the requirement, can form a unit independent system, distribution system and network combination cabinet device and other forms, can be implemented on the fire protection of single or multi zone. 

  2.total flooding extinguishing system 

  within the prescribed time protection zone injection concentration of heptfluoride propane fire extinguishing system and make it uniform, full protection zone; heptafluoropropane fire-extinguishing system adopts full submerge fire. 

  3.combined distribution system 

  from a public storage device corresponding to several sets of fm200 network system, protection of form two or more than two protection areas.

  4.unit independent system 

  the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that the utility model is characterized in that a fire extinguishing agent storage device is corresponding to a set of pipe network systems, and the constitution of a protective area is protected. 


  1.safety valve manifold 

  8.bottle head valve 

  15.bottle assembly 

  2.air controlled one-way valve 

  9.pressure gauge 


  3.gas cylinder valve 

  10.low pressure relief valve 

  17.emergency stop button 

  4.electromagnetic control head 

  11.pressure relay 

  18.gas release door 

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