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specification for design and construction of propane gas fire extinguishing systems

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  code for construction and acceptance of gas fire extinguishing system gb50263-2007 

  fire extinguishing agent heptafluoro propane or, is in line with the national fire protection association (nfpa) to develop the clean gas requirements of nfpa-2000 fire extinguishing agent, which is not conductive and highly volatile gaseous fire extinguishing agent in the process of using no residue ", at the same time, clean heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing agent is harmless to the environment, in the nature preserve in short period, high extinguishing efficiency and non-toxic, harm, suitable for protected area staff resident. in 1996, 12 menstrual period has been tested by the national testing center, and it is the main product to replace alkyl halide.

  fm200 fm200, is the use of propane fire extinguishing total flooding extinguishing fire design, casting, mainly by chemical extinguishing. no fire in the scope of design under the condition of concentration of no damage to the human body! (the standard is generally 10%). 

  but first you have to understand the gas fire extinguishing system working mode of system, there will be targeted to solve the problem, then suggest that the discovery of fire when the fire needs, either automatically or manually under the condition to let the evacuation, and must consider the following three aspects: 

  one is the inherent toxicity of heptafluoropropane, when the concentration reached more than 10%, the feeling of discomfort will appear for a long time, there will be danger. 

  the two is to consider the propane at elevated temperatures generated by the decomposition of litter decomposition may be harmful, this decomposition is mainly fire extinguishing agent in fluorine in the presence of hydrogen will produce hydrogen fluoride with pungent smell (hf). even if its concentration is small, it can cause a lot of discomfort and injury. this depends on the size of the decomposition products and exposed to fire or heptafluoropropane heating surface of the length of time, if the agent concentration accumulated quickly reach the extinguishing concentration, so that the fire was quickly extinguished, decomposition products are rare. 

  three is the protection of the substance in the combustion of the gas may be harmful to personnel injury is not expected. 

  reference: heptafluoropropane (hfc-227ea) clean gas fire extinguishing system design specification 

  article 7.0.2 fire extinguishing system shall be provided with three modes of automatic control, manual control and mechanical emergency operation.

  there are two ways to start the fire fighting device which is installed in the protection area. in the automatic control program, should be arranged 0 ~ 30s adjustable delay injection link. the setting of the delay time should be based on the needs of personnel safety evacuation zone as soon as possible; for the protection of the work area, can be set to 0s. 

  more than 9% fire protection zone in the design of concentration should be converted to additional manual and automatic control device, when someone enters the door when the fire extinguishing system switch to manual control; when people leave, return to automatic control. 

  article 7.0.3 automatic control devices shall be activated after receiving two separate fire signals. manual control device and manual and automatic conversion device should be located at the exit of the protective area to facilitate the operation of the exit. 

  mechanical emergency operation device should be located in the storage room or outside the exit of the protection zone to facilitate the operation of the place; and its operation should be completed by two steps. 

  article 7.0.4 the operation and control of fire extinguishing systems and fire fighting equipment shall include the operation and control of equipment, such as opening and closing devices, fans and fire dampers. 

  fire control center with the location of the fire control system of the fire protection system should be transmitted to the fire control center. the information includes fire information capture fire fighting, manual and automatic conversion and system failure. 

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